State & Union

State and Union: Lesbian Families in the Deep South, A Living in Limbo documentary is a feature-length documentary, currently in production, that follows the lives of several lesbian families in Birmingham, Alabama, as they face social and legal limbo.


The film depicts real-life stories of lesbians in the Deep South that include pain and perseverance, strength and humor – sharing a mosaic of a powerful, diverse community living with both frustration and hope. The documentary, inspired by the highly acclaimed photography exhibition, Living in Limbo: Lesbian Families in the Deep South, photographs by Carolyn Sherer, provides intimate stories of the community represented by the exhibition’s portraits. The film honors the diversity of race, socioeconomic background and age groups that form the rich texture of Birmingham’s lesbian community – a mutually supportive community that thrives despite having no legal protections provided by the state.

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“State and Union shows and tells the stories of lesbian families in the South -- their love, their humor, their struggle, and their strength -- and will help spark the conversations that grow support and lead to change. It's stories like these that explain why Southerners, like other Americans, are coming to understand better the lives and commitment of gay families in the community and why they value the freedom to marry -- and joining the nationwide majority for the marriage.” – Evan Wolfson, President of Freedom to Marry

“LGBTQ families in the South have the same dreams and aspirations for their children as the rest of the country. Family Equality Council continues to raise our voices toward fairness for all families, and we are proud to stand alongside Living in Limbo for this instrumental documentary that delivers the opportunity for these Southern voices to be heard.” – Gabriel Blau, Executive Director, Family Equality Council

"The moral obligation of our movement is to make certain that no one is left behind. While many of us have enjoyed amazing progress, in many parts of this country there are huge gaps. The vision of Dr. King that "none of us are free until all of us our free" is our new rallying cry. To not answer that cry would be a substantial moral lapse. This important film shows that our work is not yet done and that we owe it to our entire community to assure that we ALL hit the finish line together." – Kate Kendell, Executive Director, National Center for Lesbian Rights

"Equality Alabama is excited to announce our support of Living in Limbo and its upcoming documentary, 'State and Union.' Birmingham, Alabama is home to a large community of same-sex, married and committed couples who quietly live their lives together just as their straight counterparts do. This documentary gives much needed attention to the realities of living life in a 'state of in-between,' or as the film title suggests... living in limbo. We are thrilled to be a part of this project and know that it will have a profound impact on how we, and others, view our community.” – Ben Cooper, Chair of Equality Alabama

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